Extend superior comfort to your entire home with a Lennox Garage Heater

Discover the Benefits of a Garage Heater

We all know the awful feeling of leaving your house and getting into a freezing car on the coldest days of the year. When you add a garage heater from Cool Power LLC in Hauppauge, you won’t have to experience this anymore. Garage heaters also help eliminate cold starts and help your vehicle stay in good condition all year. They can open up your garage for hobbies you’d only be able to do when it’s warm outside. Besides all those benefits, garage heaters can make this space a safe shelter for animals to stay in the winter, instead of being stuck in the cold weather outside. Sounds like a great deal to us.
To learn more, check out the product details below or give Cool Power LLC in Hauppauge a call at 631-360-2665 to speak with one of our professionals. We’ll help you figure out which heater will work best for your home.
LF24 and T-Class™ TUA Separated Combustion Garage Heaters
As everyone’s needs differ, we offer two garage heater products – the LF24 and the T-Class™ TUA – in a variety of sizes and capacities. The models range from 30,000 to 75,000 Btuh in heating capacity, yet all models are designed with a low-profile cabinet to enable more overhead space and installation flexibility.
Installation is simple since the equipment arrives completely assembled and wired. If you’re interested, a separate combustion heater can be added for hard-to-heat spaces where lots of dust, dirty or humidity is a concern. Other product features include:
  • Aluminized, tubular heat exchanger for excellent heat transfer and durability
  • Direct-spark ignition for enhanced operation efficiency
  • Self-diagnostic board with LED display for better troubleshooting accuracy
  • Single-piece burner assembly for fast maintenance
  • Sidewall venting to help prevent roof penetrations
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on heat exchanger
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on remaining covered components
Ready to get your own? Call 631-360-2665 or set up an appointment online to learn more about adding a garage heater to your home.