What Our Customers Say
“They were very good. The owner of the company came over and discussed the installation and the type of the unit we got for the cost. We did shop around but I thought his was the best value considering the type of unit he was putting in and the cost of it. We used it all season. It was fine. We had no issue with it. They were very nice. The installation guys were great. I thought the price was fine. The quality of work was excellent. Their responsiveness was very good. They showed up when they were supposed to show up. If you had any issue, they had to reschedule it in the beginning but they gave us ample notice. Their professionalism was excellent. We would recommend them to somebody.”
– Satisfied Customer
“Everything about our dealings with Cool Power has been terrific. (We investigated three companies thoroughly before signing on.) The initial installation was done professionally and we were happy with the results - a new, efficient system, at a reasonable cost. When we had difficulty with LIPA (we were due a rebate, which somehow fell through the cracks at LIPA, but this was paperwork after Hurricane Sandy, so no surprise, really…), Cool Power stepped in and helped us expedite it. We have signed up for the annual maintenance contract for the past two years, feeling we wanted to protect our investment, and the service has been prompt, professional, and thorough both years. We recommend Cool Power to anyone who is looking for the services they provide.”
– Proud Customer
“A crew of 5 was out my house and put in 2 full days, without any problems. They were professional, courteous, and neat. They went as far as helping me get a nest out of some attic space while running ducts along with shoveling the snow all the way around my home to get my new unit to the location! This was well above their scope of work and never complained. The work was thoughtfully laid out with attention and detail and couldn't be happier with the price and install.”
– Happy Customer
“Punctual, professional and clean. Showed up early with a full crew and 2 trucks. Finished a complete installation including duct work and left everything like they found it.”
– Pleased Customer
“Scheduling and communication was excellent. A full crew showed up on time. The work was finished in a bit less time than they had estimated. They made little to no mess at all and they had to install new registers in every room. The system has worked just as promised all summer without any problems.”
– Astonished Customer